Sage 17

<p>&nbsp;</p> <div> The Sage 17 is designed to be safe, seaworthy, fast and comfortable.</div> <div> A fractional 7/8 rig provides performance and versatility. The mast assembly weights approximately 35 pounds and can be raised and lowered by one person. The jib sheets run inside the shrouds improving Sage 17&rsquo;s ability to point into the wind. A genoa is sheeted outside the shrouds on optional jib car tracks located on the toe rails. Sheet and halyard winches are mounted at the rear of the cabin top for easy sail control by the crew.</div> <div> The cabin is sized for two adults and features a 80&quot; long v-berth, two cabin seats and space for a portable toilet. A 78&quot; long cockpit is comfortable for multiple adults and is self draining.</div> <div> A 400 pound keel and 120 pound centerboard provide and exceptional righting moment keeping Sage 17 comfortable and secure. In high winds Sage 17 sails with confidence.</div> <div> Sage 17&rsquo;s overall light boat weight of 1,300 pounds makes for easy trailering.</div> <div> The deck, cabin roof and cockpit are made of carbon fiber, end grain balsa and vinylester resin. This creates a rigid and light-weight structure so strong a compression post is not required. Jerry Montgomery explains the advantage of using carbon fiber for the deck: &ldquo;Since the deck is well above the waterline, it&rsquo;s anti-ballast. Saving 100 pounds in the deck (and we&rsquo;ve saved more than that) eliminates the need for about 200 lbs of ballast to arrive at the same righting moment. Combined this saves at least 300 lbs of weight. It&rsquo;s obvious what this does for performance and for trailering.&rdquo;</div> <div> Sage Marine builds the Sage 17 &lsquo;to order&rsquo;; so your personal fitting out preferences will be accommodated. You can modify the standard boat package to create a Sage 17 to fit your style of sailing and cruising. See our website, or give us a call, for more information.&nbsp;</div>

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