Hanse 575

<p>&nbsp;</p> <div> This summer will be more exciting than any other before&hellip;</div> <div> After carefully collecting worldwide many ideas from dealers and customers and analyzing future market needs, again we are setting trends with brand new star&mdash;the new Hanse 575!</div> <div> The New Hanse 575 is not only a completion of the new Hanse XX5 range but a total implementation of a new trend in her class with a very bold attitude of pushing the limits in every aspect of the design, functionality, performance, luxury and safety.</div> <div> Designed by Judel/Vrolijk &amp; Company, the world&rsquo;s most successful yacht designers. The HANSE 575 is the perfect cruising yacht. The Judel/Vrolijk design team have helped us maintain our record of offering the fastest cruising yachts in their class. The HANSE 575 is perfectly balanced with a high degree of stability. Sail comfortably and safely in all conditions. And let&rsquo;s just say it&rsquo;s rather fast!</div> <div> Thanks to HANSE&rsquo;s Easy Sailing Concept, you can easily sail this yacht short-handed. Set sails, tack and even reef from the helm &ndash; it&rsquo;s all so effortless. So why not set sail today!</div>

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