Hanse 345

<p>&nbsp;</p> <div> We always aim to ensure that each of our creations is the fastest cruising yacht in her class. The internationally renowned designers at Judel/Vrolijk &amp; co have achieved this again with the HANSE 345. Perfectly balanced, she has a high degree of stability and can be sailed safely in all weathers. &nbsp;</div> <div> Stress-free handling comes as standard with HANSE. You can sail the HANSE 345 short handed if you wish, as the helmsman can operate the sheets, halyards and reefing lines from astern. The spacious cockpit is free of ropes, giving your fellow passengers room to relax.&nbsp;</div> <div> HANSE sets trends as we are always working to improve our yachts. At the same time, our focus remains on user-friendliness and functionality as we adhere strictly to the &lsquo;form follows function&rsquo; principle.&nbsp;</div>

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