Hobie Wild Cat

The team at Hobie Cat Europe asked a panel of esteemed naval architects, Olympic sailors and sail makers to design and build an F18 class category killer. The result? This no-apologies racing cat will unquestionably make its presence known in the racing world. Wave-piercing hulls, integrated wing mast section and minimal drag from its high-aspect rudders and centerboards all contribute to outrageous lift and speed when sailing to windward. Downwind is a sleigh ride with the full spinnaker rig. Whether you’re fleet racing or blistering across the water for the sheer thrill of it, the Wild Cat will unquestionably satisfy your need for velocity. Standard features include fiberglass hulls with EVA anti-skid deck and one inspection port at the rear, carbon-reinforced rudder blades and daggerboards, carbon telescopic tiller extension, mesh trampoline, Harken mainsheet and spinnaker blocks, Spinlock Cunningham blocks and jib tack line and jib sheet integrated in the front crossbar.