13878 Hwy 165 Kinder, LA 70648-1537
T: 337-738-4511 | F: 337-738-5675

Dye Markers, Distress Flags & Reflective Signals

Dye marker, signal mirror

Life Rafts & Rescue Platforms

4, 6 & 8 man liferafts valise & container, hydrostatic releases

Life Rings & Buoys

Linear low density polyethylene circular rings

Marine First Aid Equipment

Liferaft first-aid kits

Miscellaneous Emergency & Safety Gear

Thermal blankets, windproof matches, fishing kit, scoop type liferaft bailer

Personal Immersion & Thermal Protection Bags/Blankets

Immersion suit, thermal protective blankets & quick-donned fitted aids with and without arms/mitts

Personnel Recovery Devices

Rocket line-throwing device

Pyrotechnic Distress Signals

Flares, rockets & smokes

Special Tapes

Pressure sensitive retroreflective tape

Survival Foods & Water

Tabletized ration packages, drinking water sachets, graduated drinking cup