Designer Support Services

Technical illustrator

Alan A. Gilbert

Naval architecture services, Office: Port Washington, NY


Lofting batten stock to 40 ft. length

Bruce Pfund

Fiberglass/composite & coatings technology consultant & inspection, failure analysis

Burke Design, LLC

Composite engineering for new construction, modifications, and repairs

Edson International

Bronze spline weights

Gerr Marine

Engineering consulting


PropElements" detail propeller design and analysis


Performance prediction under power, software development

Independent Marine Systems

Thermal infrared imaging inspection of composite vessels. Surveying and consulting.

Mars Metal/MarsKeel Technology

Keel design assistance, metalurgical information, molding technology.
Design and Engineering Services

•Design and analysis of keels- fins, bulbs, wings, trim tabs, attachments

•Mechanical systems design for canting and lifting keels

•First principals structural calculations and finite element analysis (FEA)

4140 Morris Dr
Burlington, ON L7L 5L6


Acoustic engineering


Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, professional technical society

Sail Spars Design

James Gretzky - Naval architecture & engineering

South Bay Simulations

Bruce Rosen, computational hydrodynamics consulting, SPLASH code

Sponberg Yacht Design

Consulting naval architectural services; new designs for sail and power

Structural Composites

Structural & systems design & plan review services, composite testing laboratory

Vacanti Yacht Design

Design & analysis of hulls, keels & rudders.

Wizard Yachts

Bill Lee, design consulting