Spinnaker Setting & Furling Gear


Companionway launching bag for J22 & J24


Kevlar hoop sleeve with tubular mesh sleeve furler

Bainbridge International

S.S. spinnaker bag hoops

Bamar/Ocean Sailing Enterprises

Asymmetric spinnaker & code sail furling units


CT Flexifurl

New, patented Spinnaker Furler. Furl and unfurl the spinnaker from the cockpit.
44 James St
Homer, NY 13077

Facnor USA

Asymmetric-spinnaker, Genneker and Code-0 furling equipment

Facnor Asymmetrical Spinnaker Furler—
The Asym-Fx allows to furl in the asymmetric Spinnakers from the cockpit by pulling the bottom furling line. Ready for use very quickly. Your asymmetric Spinnaker is safely and quickly pulled up, taken down and stored.

3901 Pine Grove Circle
Charlotte, NC 28206


Spinnaker Stopper plastic sail funnel for rubber band stopping


Companionway fabric & mesh spinnaker bags


Code 0 dinghy furler

North Sails Direct


Profurl (Wichard)

Top-down furling system with plastic "balls" fitted to the luff cord to ease furling

Sailrite Enterprises, Inc.

Spinnaker sock & launching bag kits

Easy set and stow of asymmetric spinnakers. The tack is attached to a swivel allowing the sail to furl tightly from the top down. Replaces spinnaker socks.
4668 Franchise St
N Charleston, SC 29418

V.F. Shaw

Spinnaker sleeve