Small Boat/Luffwire Roller Furling Gear

Equiplite/East Coast Marine Marketing

Code 0/staysail loop type furlers

Gennaker and Code Zero Furlers—The large diameter and specially designed line gripping drum make furling larger gennakers a breeze. Favored by solo ocean racers around the world.

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Small boat, staysail & gennaker drum and Code Zero line drive furling units
Small Boat furling systems safely furl or set jibs from the cockpit. Sizes for dinghies under 16' to cruisers 25' (4.9–7.6m). Catamarans 18'–23' (5.5–7m).
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Code Zero furling is used with asymmetrical headsails and staysails. For boats up to 125' (38m).
N15 W24983 Bluemound Road
Pewaukee, WI 53072-3755

Karver Systems

Furlers for boats up to 165'

FURLERS: The KF Furler from Karver is perfect for boats up to 165ft. Its system to set up and remove the loop line is simple and patented. For their characteristics, KF are used by all yachts: America’s Cup Class, super yachts, day or long time cruisers, and single handed boats.
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Profurl (Wichard)

T26 small boat with self-contained halyard & conventional big boat drum & continuous line furlers

RWO/Sea Sure/Hawk USA (Oceanair)

Small boat drum & line drive roller furling, swivels

Ronstan International

Small boat drum furling

Schaefer Marine

Snapfurl PVC round extrusion reefing, "Free-furling" small boat & staysail/gennaker

Selden Mast

Furlex "20" wire luff furlers for dinghies, "CX" gennaker/code O endless line furlers
Furler for staysails and Code 0’s. Designed with attention to function and appearance on boats from 20' to 60'. Made by Seldén, world leader in furling systems.
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