Mast Roller Furling & Reefing


Rollmaster furler

Composite Solutions

Autoclaved carbon furling masts
New, affordable “behind the mast” Mainsail Roller Reefing System.
More reliable, lower maintenance.
44 James St
Homer, NY 13077

Euro Marine Trading

Reckmann RMR in-mast furling system

Facnor USA

Internal roller behind-mast housing

Add On Mainsail Furler—Facnor mainsail furler fits onto your existing mast with connectors inside the luff groove. Lines are led to the cockpit for effortless furling without going on deck. 3,000 sold worldwide over 17 years.

3901 Pine Grove Circle
Charlotte, NC 28206

GMT Composites

Carbon fiber roller reefing masts

PowerFurl carbon reefing/furling booms: light, sleek, incredibly neat in-boom furling that won’t jam, even when used off-wind. Hydraulic or electric, custom and expensive-but none better. See short action video at
48 Ballou Blvd
Bristol, RI 02809

Karver Systems

Top-down furler


Batten Car system with lazy jacks

Selden Mast

In-mast manual, electric & hydraulic reefing mast reefing
A Seldén furling mast lets you operate your mainsail from the cockpit. Its unique features for reducing friction make sailing safer and easier for you and your crew. Manual, electric or hydraulic drive.
4668 Franchise St
N Charleston, SC 29418

Sparcraft US/Charleston Spar

Furling masts
Charleston Spar manufactures the tallest one piece anodized and powder coated furling masts in the world. Reliable furling mechanism and modern mast extrusions are the choice of many boat builders. Single line boom reefing available on non-furling masts.
3901 Pine Grove Circle
Charlotte, NC 28206