Wire Rope Terminals

Chicago Hardware & Fixture

Galvanized tiller rope clamps, galvanized & SS U-bolt type wire rope clips

Hayn Enterprises

Hi-MOD swageless & S.S. swage terminals & wire rope clips

Loos & Company

Resin filled, alum., copper & S.S. sleeves, swage types S.S. & galvanized wire rope clips


Norseman swageless & swage & Navtec swage terminals, S.S. thimbles

Ronstan International

S.S. swage type terminals & rope clips, copper ferrules

Sailing Services

Swageless terminals; S.S. swage fittings & thimbles

USA Distributor
• Self-Fit Mechanical Terminal
• 100% Strength
• 35 + years of success
• Free Catalog
• Swageless wire rope terminals
80 NW 73rd St
Miami, FL 33150

Sanlo Manufanufacturing

S.S. swage terminals, copper oval compression & stop sleeves and wire rope clips, thimbles

Sea Spike Marine Supply

S.S. & galvanized wire rope clips

Sea-Dog Line

S.S. & galvanized u-bolt wire rope clips

Seco South

Swageless distributor

Sta-Lok Terminals

S.S. swageless
Sta-Lok is a leading Manufacturer/Distributor of premium quality rigging hardware with over 35 years experience in the marine industry. Key products include:
• Sta-Lok Self-Fitting Terminals
• Swage Terminals
• Chrome Bronze Turnbuckles
• Stainless Steel Turnbuckles
PO Box 768
Castle Hayne, NC North Carolina

Suncor Stainless, Inc.

Quick Attach swageless, swage fittings, S.S. & alum. sleeves, S.S. wire rope clips

Quick Attach™ Swageless Terminals are ideal for repair or replacement of rigging on-site without swaging. Instead of pre-determining lengths of cable in an application, boaters can now cut cable to length as needed and install these terminals using two wrenches.
70 Armstrong Rd
Plymouth, MA 02360

U.S. Rigging Supply

Swage eyes & forks, copper, alum. & S.S. oval swage & stop sleeves, S.S. & galvanized U bolt wire rope clips


S.S. u bolt type wire grips