Turnbuckles, Toggles & Clevis Pins


Bronze & chrome open & closed turnbuckles, toggles & pins

Chicago Hardware & Fixture

Galvanized drop forged steel turnbuckles

Euro Marine Trading

EMT S.S. closed body turnbuckles & toggles

Hayn Enterprises

Bronze & chrome open body & S.S. tubular turnbuckles, toggles & clevis pins

Johnson Marine (C. Sherman Johnson)

S.S. tubular & open turnbuckles, eye & double jaw toggles and pins

Jurgan Development & Mfg.

Tool-free clevis pins

Larand Products

S.S. closed body turnbuckles with clevis pins


Bronze & S.S. rod & wire turnbuckles

Petersen Stainless Rigging Limited

SS rigging hardware

RWO/Sea Sure/Hawk USA (Oceanair)

S.S. closed turnbuckles & clevis pins

Race-Lite SouthCoast

S.S. closed body turnbuckles for 1/16" to 3/16" wire, shroud adjusters, clevis pins

Ronstan International

Seafast & "Sealoc" S.S. closed body turnbuckles, clevis pins

Sailing Services


Schaefer Marine

S.S. eye & double jaw toggles

Sea-Dog Line

S.S closed turnbuckles, clevis pins

Selden Mast

Hasselfors chromed bronze & S.S.

Selden Mast

Alloy turnbuckle covers


S.S. calibrated setting turnbuckles

Suncor Stainless, Inc.

S.S. closed & open body turnbuckles