Rigid Vangs

Forespar Products Corp

Internal spring external tackle mechanical

Patented “Yacht Rod”
3 sizes for boats 30-55ft. Excellent vang/boom support for performance racing or cruising.
• Eliminates need for topping lift
• Supports boom in light air
• More efficient than conventional tackles
22322 Gilberto
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Garhauer Marine

S.S. tubular spring loaded external tackle vangs

Hall Spars & Rigging

Mechanical boom vangs

Holmatro Marine Equipment

Hydraulic cylinder vangs

Hood Yacht Systems (Pompanette)

Performance vang external tackle mechanical

Mainstay-Yachttech Ltd.

Mechanical boomvangs

Marine Products Engineering

Pneumatic-lift, external-tackle vangs


Telescoping vang with a SS spring


Hydraulic cylinders with remote panel/pumps


Integral tackle coil spring mechanical


Hydraulic pull/pneumatic return or hydraulic/hydraulic vangs

Selden Mast

Rodkicker mechanical
Seldén’s Rodkicker Rigid Vang for boats 20–60 feet. Holds the boom up, replaces the topping lift. Trims the mainsail, with or without internal gas spring.
4668 Franchise St
N Charleston, SC 29418


Flexing fiberglass boom supports for use with vang tackles

Sparcraft US/Charleston Spar

Conventional & gas spring mechanical
Ocean series vangs are suitable for coastal and blue water cruising. The design is simple and strong, and are spring loaded for return pressure.
Performance series vangs use pneumatic cylinders and are preferred by ocean racing yachts. These vangs use multiple cylinders to achieve ideal return pressure, they are light, tough, operate smoothly and quietly.
3901 Pine Grove Circle
Charlotte, NC 28206