Nylon, Olefin & polypropylene; braid & twisted, twine

Aamstrand Ropes & Twines

Braided & twisted anchor & dock lines

Bainbridge International

Braided Dacron, Dyneema, Kevlar, Spectra & Technora leechline

Bainbridge International

Dyneema, Nomex Vectran, aramid, nylon, PBO polyester, polypropylene; 8, 12 & 16-plait, single & double braid & 3-strand twisted; polyester & polyester/nylon cover cord & synthetic small diameter lines & cords

Buccaneer Rope

Polyester, nylon & Technora; double braid, 8 strand plaited & 3-strand


Cordage organizer

Columbian Specialty Products (PlymKraft)

Eight-strand plaited, 3-strand Dacron & nylon

Davey/R&W Rope Warehouse

Polyester, Dyneema. Vectran doublebraids, Novabraids, New England Rope, Samson

Davey/R&W Rope Warehouse

Nylon doublebraid & three-strand mooring pendants; custom sizes

Davey/R&W Rope Warehouse

Splicing services for doublebraid, core-to-core, three-strand & 12-strand

FSE Robline

Polyester, nylon, aramid, Dyneema, Vectran & XLF braids, 8 & 12 plait, 3 strand, single & double braid ropes

Super Yacht Sheet is an excetional product from FSE Robline and a favorite of riggers throughout Europe. SYS features a 32 plait mottled cover (50% Taslan/50% Polyester) which offers good heat resistance and a smooth release of sheets from a winch. SYS is also available in "cover only".

c/o New England Ropes Corp.
Fall River, MA 02720-4735

Sirius 500: High quality and low stretch Polyester double-braid. One-over-one 16 plait braided cover very durable and has excellent holding characteristics on winches and in rope clutches. Ask for it by name at your favorite rigger or chandlery.

c/o New England Ropes Corp.
Fall River, MA 02720-4735

Gladding Braided Products

Dacron, nylon, polypropylene, Dyneema and Spectra, braided

Hall Spars & Rigging

Full selection of synthetic-fiber cordage for all onboard applications

Horizon Ltd

Dock Lines

Horizons, LTD

Docklines & chafe gaurds


Custom tapered halyards & sheets

Mainstay-Yachttech Ltd.

Running & standing rigging, including technical and other rope splices for all types of line

Marlow Ropes Inc.

Marine cordage manufacturer


High Performance Cordage
Our high performance cordage with lines such as STS-12-78 and STS-12-90 are comprised of 100% Dyneema fiber, offer uncompromising strength, ultra low stretch, lightweight, low creep, extreme durability, and come in a variety of sizes.
848 Airport Rd.
Fall River, MA 02720


Dock and Anchor Lines 
Our Premium 3-Strand nylon is tough and durable and our Double Braid Nylon dock lines come in a variety of colors and are extremely strong. Our Anchor Lines are professionally spliced with stainless steel thimbles.
848 Airport Rd.
Fall River, MA 02720

New England Ropes

Nylon, polyester, polypropylene, Spectra, Dyneema, Technora & Vectran; three strand, double braid, single braid & parallel core rope

Pelican Rope Works

Polyester, nylon, Kevlar, Dyneema, Technora & Vectran; double braids & 12 strand single braids, glow-in-the-dark mooring line

Quickline USA

Polyester flat rope with stowage reel

R&W Rope

Novatec polyester, nylon, polypropylene, Spectra, Technora & Vectran; "English Braids" buff polyester for traditional boats, double braids, 12 & 3 strand


Nova braid line/rope halyards, dock & anchor line

Sailing Services

Custom running rigging, splicing & tapering


Polyester, Dyneema, PBO, Technora& Vectran double braid & 12-strand single braid, heat-protection cover

Sunshine Cordage

Dacron, Nylon, polypropylene & manila; twisted and single, double & 8-strand braided

U.S. Rigging Supply

All types of synthetic fiber cordage including nylon, polyester, Kevlar, Dyneema, Technora; doublebraid and 12-strand in assorted colors


Nylon, polyester & polypropylene; single & double braid & twisted


Dyneex Dux cordage

Yale Cordage

Nylon, PBO, polyester, Spectra, Technora & Vectran; single & double braids, 8-strand ropes, Spectra tweaking lines, BRAIT anchor rodes, docklines, cords

Yale Cordage

Ph.D. Cruiser cordage