Boat Hooks & Hand-Held Mooring Aids

Beckson Marine

Floating boat hooks

165 Holland Ave
Bridgeport, CT 06605

Davis Instruments

Team fixed & telescoping boat hooks

Duarte Marine, LLC

Mooring system

Mooring Made Simple—The Mooring Mate is a patented mooring system that lets you single-handedly moor from your cockpit. The key is a stainless steel hook that detaches from the handle after hooked to the mooring chain. You can then retrieve The Mooring Mate by pulling a trip wire on a small buoy.

PO Box 761
Tewksbury, MA 01876

Garelick Mfg.

Alum. telescopic & fixed length boat hooks

Johnson Marine (C. Sherman Johnson)

Grab 'n Go Hook SS hook with release/retrieval loop deployed from boat hook

Landolt Systems

Landolt docking hook


Hook & Moor
The Hook & Moor boat hook helps you thread a mooring rope through a mooring ring easily.  Uses your mooring line directly and works as an ordinary boat hook when the hook head is locked.
848 Airport Rd.
Fall River, MA 02720

RMC Marine

Boat hook/mooring line threader

SWI-TEC America, LLC

Mooring buoy retrieval hook

So-Lo Marine

Handle & boathook, mooring line hook & piling looper attachments

Star brite

Aluminum fixed & telescoping boat hooks

Taylor Made Products

Fixed length & telescoping boat hooks


Pole mounted slip-off snap hooks