Dodger, Bimini & Awning Components & Hardware

Accon Marine

Quick-release bimini frame hinges

Astrup/Tri Vantage

Alum., chromed brass, nickeled brass, nylon & S.S. top fittings, fasteners, PVC track for rope edging, fg bows, vents for flexible materials, zippers


S.S. & nylon tubular fittings

Forespar Products Corp

Alum. telescoping awning poles

Garelick Mfg.

Alum. telescoping awning poles

Gemini Marine Products

Collapsible hinge & locking sleeve system, clamp-on tubing drilling fixture

Collapsible struts, hinges and stand-off side mounts that allow collapsible dodger and bimini frames. Create rigid frames that collapse easily. Easy retro-fits on existing tops. Cast 316 stainless.
50 Tillson Ave.
Rockland, ME 04841

Lord & Hodge

Non-penetrating tarp tie-downs

Master Tool

Plastic dodger fittings


Snaps, grommets, installation tool

Sea-Dog Line

S.S., chromed zinc & nylon tubular frame fittings, canvas fastenings

Star brite

Button & stud type fabric snaps

Taco Metals

S.S. & nylon dodger fittings

Taylor Made Products

Nylon & chromed zamak bimini hardware, dot & snap fabric fasteners

Tylaska Marine Hardware

Dies for installing turn button bases, buttons & eyelet style snap fasteners

White Water Marine Hardware (Florida)

S.S. & nylon