Steering Wheels & Accessories

Boat Leather

Leather wheel covers with or without closed cell foam backing

Composite Solutions

carbon fiber wheels

Edson International

Destroyer alum., carbon fiber, S.S. & teak tubular rim and traditional spoked wheels; wheel clutches, leather wheel covers

Forespar Products Corp

Full range of steering solutions and equipment for both wheel and tiller-driven boats

Wheel Steering Control Arm
The Steering Control arm extends functional range when behind the wheel. This allows for easy and comfortable steering from the rail which allows better forward visibility and greater comfort. Easily removable. Especially helpful when trying to see around large headsails.
22322 Gilberto
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

GMT Composites

Custom composite wheels


Folding Wheel; Aluminum, carbon fiber & stainless wheels; leatehr wheel covers

Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering

Traditional spoked wheels


S.S., alum. & carbon wheels, leather rim covers

Scandia Marine Products

Wheel coverings

Stazo Marine Equipment North America

Wood & S.S. rim & traditional wheels

White Water Marine Hardware (Florida)

S.S. tubular rim six spoke wheels