Tillers, Hiking Sticks & Fittings

Buck Algonquin Marine Hardware

Bronze tiller head fittings

Davis Instruments

Tiller Tamer control line clamp

Defender Industries

Tillers, rudder accessories, sticks & covers

Edson International

S.S. OEM tillers, bronze & chrome tiller head fittings
Forespar makes a wide variety of both aluminum and carbon fiber extensions, both fixed and adjustable. Twist-lock, Ball End, Golf Grip, Ocean Racer and the new carbon fiber “Big Stick”. Also a choice of 3 end fittings: Sta Fast™, TFP Quick Release™ and Speed-Lock Universal™.
22322 Gilberto
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

H & L Marine Woodwork

Laminated ash & mahogany tillers

Murrays' Sports Center

Fiberglass, carbon & alum. hiking sticks

R.F. Tiesler Company

Tiller Stay Rudder control system

RWO/Sea Sure/Hawk USA (Oceanair)

Straight, telescoping & ladder grip alum. hiking sticks; universal joints, rudderheads

Ronstan International

Battlestick fixed & telescoping; ball, ladder & stick grips

Spartan Marine (Robinhood)

Bronze tiller heads

United Yachting Manufacturing

Tillerman tiller lock


Telescopic oval & straight grip hiking sticks