Propeller Shaft Bearings & Struts

Duramax Marine

"Cutless" water-lubricated nitrile rubber brass & nonmetallic sleeve bearings

Global Marine Industries

Shaft-in cutless strut bearing replacement tool

Strut Bearing Replacement
No Prop Shaft, Strut or Rudder
Removal Necessary
No Power Tools Needed
100% Guaranteed
Made in USA
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PO Box 564
Lake Stevens, WA 98258

Marine Hardware

Water lubricated brass shell rubber bearings

Mars Metal/MarsKeel Technology

SS and bronze alloy custom struts
Custom Struts—Stainless Steel and Bronze Alloys. Cast and fabricated to any size. Custom CNC machining. Fabricated and cast rudders also available.
4140 Morris Dr
Burlington, ON L7L 5L6

Palmer Products

Rotating rubber/fixed shell bearings

Spartan Marine (Robinhood)

Brass shell water-lubricated

Thordon Bearings

Elastomeric abrasive resistant water lubricated bearings