Mufflers, Waterlifts, Gas/Water Separators & Exhaust Systems

Centek Industries

Fg vertical & horizontal waterlocks, Fg mufflers, gas/water separation mufflers

DeAngelo Marine Exhaust

Custom SS & alloy exhaust systems, insulated dry exhaust blankets

Great Southern Insulation/GSI

Exhaust lagging, fiberglass exhaust wrap tape, high temp removable exhaust blankets

Marine Manifold

Custom S.S. waterjacketed systems with thermal blankets


Water seperation silencers, thermal non-asbestos fiber blanket exhaust wrap

Stainless Marine

Custom SS dry & waterjacketed exhaust elbows & risers, 3" diameter and up

Ultra Marine Products

Ultimate fg mufflers, "Ultralift" fg water lifts, fg exhaust fittings

The NLP3 Waterlock Marine Muffler The NLP3 waterlock is the quietest in the world due to its unique three-chamber construction. The sound attenuation is an incredible 10bd more than that achieved with two-chamber waterlock.

7251 National Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

Vetus America

S.S. exhaust bellows, plastic waterlocks & mufflers
Vetus WATERLOCK/MUFFLERS are the most versatile in the industry. Rotating connections and bodies provide easy installation of hoses from virtually any angle.
7251 National Drive
Hanover, MD 21076

Waterway Power Center

Bronze 1.5" NPT water injection exhaust elbow; full bleeding full systems for diesel engines