Fuel Filters, Processors & Water Separators

Algae-X International

Fuel conditioning & polishing systems

ALGAE-X Fuel Conditioning and Polishing Systems for diesel & gas. Eliminate clogged filters & transom soot. Call ALGAE-X before cleaning your tanks or replacing your fuel.

5400-1 Division Dr.
Ft. Myers Beach, FL 33905

Davco Technology

Fuel filter/water separator


Magnetic microbial decontamination units, fuel-cleaning system

Gulf Coast Filters

Sub-micron filter/water separators & polishing systems

H2Out, Inc

Water-absorption systems

Hammonds Fuel Additives

Micro-organism detector kit

I*P*S Marine

Centrifugal/magnetic circulating fuel processor

KTI Systems

Fuel filter monitoring with helm indication

KTI Systems

Dual filter monitoring/switching/polishing unit

KTI Systems

Fuel filter monitoring with helm indication, inline fuel pump for priming/trasnfering

KTI Systems

Fuel polishing modules with programmable timer, Racor water-separating filters



RCI Technologies

Purifier filterless centrifugal diesel contaminant/water separators, fuel recirculating systems

Racor, Division Parker Hannifin

Diesel & gasoline fuel filter/water separators

Stanadyne Power Products

Diesel filter/water separators, remote water in fuel indicator

Volvo Penta North America

Magnetic micro-organism decontaminator

Walker Engineering Enterprises

Air filters for all diesel engines; auxiliary, genset propulsion

Wix Filtration Products

Fuel filters & water separators