Bilge Pump Switches--Water-Level Activated

Aim Technologies

Electronic, water-activated bilge pump


Bilge-pump switch drives pump; 12-volt DC for 10A pumps

Groco (Gross Mechanical Labs)

Pressure sensing switch with air tube


Bilge pumps (wired) and cordless bilge pumps

Johnson Pumps

Eletronic & micro switch float switches

MPI/Marine Products International

Mercury & electronic float switches.

Montour Marine Systems

Sensor & pump controller

Quick USA

Electronic bilge switches

Rule Industries (ITT Industries)

Float-switches & air-pressure activated

See Water

Dielectric sensor switches, oil/fuel level sensing shutoff

Water Witch

Electronic capacitance sensing switches, pump cycle counters

Whale Water Systems

Whale electric field sensor with integrated intellegent control

Whale Water Systems

Whale Supersub 1100 bilge pump