Toilets & Bidets

Air Head Products/EOS Design

Liquid/solid separating toilet with 12v fan

Defender Industries

Manual & electric seawater, fresh & combination heads, parts, tanks & chemicals

Dometic Marine

Marine heads

Galley Maid Marine Products

Electric toilets

Groco (Gross Mechanical Labs)

Manual & electric toilets


Water-pressure flushing toilets, pressure pumps, bidets


S.S. one & two quart compressed air assisted flushing toilets, air compressors

Nature's Head

Composting toilet

PottiBag International

Storage and carry bag

Raritan Engineering

Electric and "Compact" & "PHII" manual toilets

Sanitation Equipment

Portable toilets with detachable holding tanks

Sealand/Dometic Sanitation

Vacuum toilets & systems, macerating toilets, pressure water flush toilets, portable toilets, ceramic bidets


Composting marine toilets

Tecma S.r.I.

Marine toilets & bidets


Portable toilets, manual & electric with integral holding tank and toilets

Titan U.S.A.

Manual & electric toilets with optional fitted holding tank and spares

Todd Marine Products

Seat for 3 & 5 gallon buckets (holds plastic bag liner)

Vetus America

Electric toilets