Reverse-Osmosis Watermakers

AC, DC & belt drive desalination systems


Modular engine driven, 120v AC & 12v DC

Cruise RO Water

120v modular systems

Daily Marine Water Makers

Modular A/C

EchoTec USA

Modular AC, DC & belt driven systems

FCI Watermakers

Modular & unitized 110v & 220v systems

Galley Maid Marine Products

Unitized 120 & 240v

Great Water

Watermakers. pumps and motor distributor

Horizon Reverse Osmosis/HRO Systems

12 & 24v DC, 110 & 220v AC modular & unitized

Hydrovane International Marine

AC, DC & belt drive desalination systems

Katadyn North America

12v & 24v unitized & modular

KATADYN 40E WATERMAKER—Simple, Efficient, Reliable–The Power Survivor 40E is the best solution for the self-sufficient lifestyle.
Pfäffikerstrasse 37

Lifestream Watersystems

Unitized & modular 110 to 240v AC & engine driven

Matrix Desalination (Aqua Chem)


Offshore Marine Laboratories

Framed & modular, 12vDC, 110V & 220V AC

Parker Racor-Village Marine

Reverse-osmosis watermakers

SK Watermakers

Modular & unitized AC & DC

Sea Recovery

12 & 24v DC, 115 & 230v AC unitized, frame & modular

Severn Trent Services

Electric & engine driven, modular & framed units

Spectra Watermakers

Modular 12 & 24 volt DC and 110 & 120v AC systems

US Watermaker, Inc.

Modular unitized 12 or 24v DC & 100v AC

Vantage Marine

AC, DC & engine driven

Village Marine Tec (Racor)

Reverse osmosis watermakers in AC or DC power

Watermaker Store

Diesel combination DC genset/watermaker


Modular & frame type 115v & 230v