Potable Water Strainers, Filters, Sterilizers & Additives

3M Marine

Dedicated faucet, undercounter & whole boat filter systems

Astro-Pure Water Purifiers

Bacteriostatic water purifiers

Atlantic Ultraviolet

S.S. chamber ultraviolet sterilizers

Cascade Designs, Inc.

Ultralight and super-compact waterfilters


Half micron filtration/dechlorination unit & liquid chlorine dispenser for manual superchlorination

FCI Watermakers

Ultraviolet sterilizers

Forespar Products Corp

Water strainers

General Ecology

SeagullIV Series 0.4 micron purifiers "First Need" hand pumped .04 micron purifiers "Spark-L-Pure" microfiltration system
First Need®XL portable drinking water purifier–lightweight convenience, for great-tasting chemical-free purified water from virtually any fresh water source. Perfect for emergency preparedness situations.
151 Sheree Blvd.
Exton, PA 19341

Water purifiers

151 Sheree Blvd.
Exton, PA 19341

Horizon Reverse Osmosis/HRO Systems

Filtration/UV sterilization unit, ultra-violet sterilizer, charcoal filter


Battery powered UV sterilizer


Drinking water filter/RO heavy metal removal system

Lifestream Watersystems

Ultraviolet sterilizer

Matrix Desalination (Aqua Chem)

Prepro particle filter/carbon filter/UV sterilizer systems

Rinsepure Technologies

Water softener/filtration system, carbon filtration

Rule Industries (ITT Industries)

Potable-water additive

Sea Recovery

Ultraviolet sterilizer


Housed & in-line filters, S.S. 50 mesh strainers

Spectra Watermakers

Charcoal filter, UV sterilizers

Star brite

Water Conditioner additive, "Aqua Clean" water system cleaner

Village Marine Tec (Racor)

Ultraviolet sterilizer, bromination systems

Watermaker Store

Dockside portable UV sterilizer/filter unit

Whale Water Systems

Aquasource water filter

Yacht-Mate Products

Water filter with optional UV sterilizer, tank recirculating ozone treatment unit