Battery Combiners & Disconnects


Regulated charge starting battery combiner

Blue Sea Systems

SI starting isolation automatic charging relay

Charles Industries Marine Group

Waterproof, 12 & 24 volt battery combiner

BattCom™ Battery Combiner
• Ultra compact, microprocessor controlled battery combiner
• Isolates separate batteries/banks when DC power is being consumed
• Allows the charging of both batteries/banks from either alternator or battery charger
• Waterproof, 12 and 24 volt with 280 amp capacity
5600 Apollo Dr
Rolling Meadows, IL 60008


Battery Water FET low voltage disconnect

Sure Power Industries


Wells Marine Technology

BattMaxx combiners

West Marine

Twin bank combiners

Xantrex Technology

2 & 3 bank combiners, 15 amp auxiliary battery combiner