Detectors & Alarms

BEP Marine

Matrix LPG, CNG & gasoline

Emerald Marine Products

Timer/watchstander alarm


Carbon monoxide, gasoline/propane fumes

First Alert/BRK Brands

Battery operated carbon monoxide & smoke

Flagship Marine Security

Security alarms

Forespar Products Corp

Seacocks that incorporate panel lights to show the seacock-valve position

Groco (Gross Mechanical Labs)

Electric pressure water pump flow sensor shutoff

Hewitt Enterprises

Wireless bilge sensor with alarm options

MTI Industries/Marine Technologies

Gasoline/propane vapor & carbon monoxide detectors; fume/fire/high water & smoke detectors; handheld CO detector, portable motion sensing intruder alarm

Tantyme Engineering

Infrared 12V, 1mA wire monitor burglar alarm

Water Witch

High bilge-water sensors/alarms