Electronic Speedometers & Logs

Airmar Technology

Paddlewheel & ultrasonic speed and speed/temperature sensors

B&G (Navico)

Dual element, ultrasonic & conventional transducers

Euro Marine Trading

NKE "Ultrasonic Speedo", "Topline"
Flush, Fast and Precise. Throw away that old paddlewheel sensor and upgrade to the new Ultrasonic Speedo from Nke Marine Electronics. Fit your existing thru-hull, and mounts flush with your hull. Maintenance free, you can even apply bottom paint right over the sensor. Compatible with all other electronic brands.
62 Halsey Street
Newport, RI 02840

Moor Electronics

Apparent-wind and analog instruments

U25K-KNOTMETER—The Moor Electronics U25K is a self powered knotmeter. This traditional round instrument has over 30 years of proven reliability. Prices for our instrument start around $165.
95 Dorothy St
Buffalo, NY 14206

Nexus Marine/Ocean Equipment

Nexus digital, analog repeaters

Ockam Instruments

Digital system modules


Electronic speedos


Self-powered analog knotmeter

Swoffer Instruments

Speedo service only, limited parts

Tecnautic (Electronics)

Digital paddlewheel sensors


Portable GPS speed, heading & VMG unit