Electronic Chart, Navigational & Tidal Software

Andren Software

Loran/GPS Program waypoint database/chart printing (Windows XP)

Barco Software

PC-based navigation software

Celestaire, Inc.

Navigator celestial & plotting (PC), "CelestNav" (Palm PDA), "Pocket Stars"

Furuno U.S.A.

PC-based navigation software

MaxSea TimeZero
MaxSea TimeZero allows you to navigate from your PC, using the same technology that makes NavNet 3D so powerful. Use as a stand-alone plotter or connect to a NavNet 3D network to share Radar, GPS, Charts and other sensor information.
4400 NW Pacific Rim Blvd
Camas, WA 98607

Jeppesen Marine

PC-Planner home planning navigational

Maptech Navigation, Inc.

Maptech "Chart Navigator" (NMEA output) chart plotting (Windows)


PC-based navigation and performance weather-routing software


US tide & current; world tide & current


PC-based navigation software with updated tide-and-current data

Northport Systems Inc. (Fugawi Software)

PC-based navigation software that supports NOAA ENC & RNC, Navionics, BSB and AIS

P-Sea Software

Plotting with GPS & Loran TD and radar overlay


Electronic chart software

Rose Point Navigation Systems

Cruise planning/navigating program for all waters

Star Technologies

Plotting/nav planning/tides/celestial software (Windows)

Stentec Software

PC-based navigation software


PC-based navigation program (Mac OS X-based)