Communications Services & Information

American Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Ham (amateur radio) information, publications, courses

GEOSat Solutions

Mobile WiFi for high speed internet access

GMPCS Worldwide

Inmarsat, Iridium, Globalstar & Thuraya satcom services

Globe Wireless

Digital via SSB, data file service via satellite

Iridium Satellite

Worldwide satellite phone, data & pager service

KVH Industries

Mobile internet, MSN TV & broadband EVDO cellular data services for "TracNet" transceivers


DSC VHF telephone networkservice covering US coastal & inland navigable waterways

Norsat International, Inc.

Communications Services & Information


Email services for satellite & cellular connections


Email service


Satellite email service with weblog/fax/voice messaging

Stratos Mobile Network

Inmarsat A, B, C & M, Iridium and MSAT SatCom service


Inmarsat A, B, C, & M satellite communication services