Marine TV, VCR & DVD Equipment

Omindirectional active TV/FM antennas, in-line amplifier, amplifiers, 12 Volt entertainment systems & multi zone DVD players and LCD displays

ASA Electronics

12V LCD & LED TVs with (EU) frequency optional

Digital Antenna

Omnidirectional disc TV antenna with amplifier

GEOSat Solutions

Portable dockside satellite antenna systems

Bring over-the-air digital TV to your boat with Glomex TV Antennas. Complete kits include antenna, cables and your choice of various amplifiers. Lifetime warranty!

Via Faentina, 165G
Ravenna, 48124


Amplified omnidirectional and directional TV antennas, over the air HD signals

Intellian Technologies

Tracking & stabilized HDTV antenna (TVRO) systems


Mobile NTSC VCR, mobile DVD/CD player TFT LCD monitor & remote controls

KVH Industries

Active stabilized antenna system for "DirectTV" & "Dish Network" in U.S., BellExpressVU in Canada, other DVB compatible systems worldwide

RFS/Radio Frequency Systems

Celwave disc with built-in amplifier & open array antennas


STV antenna systems

Sea Tel (Cobham)

Stabalized satellite-communications antenea system

Sea Tel (Cobham)

Stabalized TVRO antenna systems


Omnidirectional TV & digital satellite antennas

Sony Marine/CPS Distributors

A/V receiver, LCD's, system components

Terk Technologies

Cylindrical housing helical-coil active TV antenna

The Follow Me Company

Satellite TV azimuth tracking unit for any home dish