Man Overboard Lights

ACR Electronics

Incandescent, strobe & water-activated personal lights, incandescent & strobe floating lights
FIREFLY3® rescue strobe lights are waterproof, visible to 1 nm in all directions of the upper hemisphere; Waterbug™ activates in water; Doublefly™ features signal/close-up recovery light; Firefly3 and Waterbug™ are SOLAS compliant.
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Colored 12-hr. chemi-luminescent emergency & multipurpose lights

Forespar Products Corp

Personal & floating strobes
Floating Strobe Water light meets USCG regulations. Rugged water light produces brilliant strobe flashes automatically when thrown overboard and is visible for miles at sea. Flashes at the required rate for over 52 continuous hours and at least every 2 seconds after 7 days of continuous use. Stainless steel mounting bracket included.
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Fulton Industries

Incandescent & strobe clip-ons for PFDs


Personal chemical marker light

Orion Safety Products

Activated chemical personnel marker light

Revere Supply

Water-activated LED lights & strobes

Rutter Technologies

Personal MOB lights