Personnel Recovery Devices


Rocket line-throwing device

Donovan Marine

Rescue Rope throw bag with line

Fox 40 USA

Plastic floating MOB throw device with integral handle & internal heaving line

Northwest River Supplies

Throw bags with polypropylene or Spectra line

Ocean Marine Systems

B.O.B. rail attached sling/re-boarding ladder

Omega Marine Products

Rescue line in throw bag

Sogeman USA

Rescue line throw bag

Survival Technologies Group

Heaving line with throw bag, Man Overboard Modules, inflatable horseshoe with throw line

The TECHFLOAT is unequalled in its design for aiding in the rescue of a person in the water. Packed in one small, lightweight pouch is both a rugged, bagged, heaving line and an automatic inflatable buoyant device which provides 25 lbs of buoyancy after inflation. It has the same buoyancy as many large “rigid” foam horseshoes and yet it takes up only a fraction of the space.
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Trenton, NJ 08609

West Marine

Lifesling deployable towed sling system, throw bags with polypropylene rope


MOB rope ladder deployable from the water, telescopic alum. rescue pole with held-open double action safety hook