Miscellaneous Emergency & Safety Gear

Allegiance Security Integration

Remote-monitoring, alarms and electronic security

Atomic Tape

Silicone self-amalgamating rescue tape

Beckson Marine

Hitch-Safe Trailer Hitch and Ball Safety Cover

Colligo Marine

Emergency stay kit


Thermal blankets, windproof matches, fishing kit, scoop type liferaft bailer

Orion Safety Products

Green, red & white activated chemical lights


Twist lock cabin sole holddowns

Pelican Products

Float marker buoy with anchor weight & would on line

Rescue Tape/Harbor Products

Self-fusing silicone tape

Sailfuse LTD

In-situ load limiter for use on mainsheet systems

Sailor's Solutions

Knife/hook knife

Velcro USA

Hook & loop emergency hose sealer straps