Resin Application Tools & Supplies

Airtech International

Vacuum bag, breather, release & sealing materials

Clark Craft

Grooved laminating rollers, Poly containers, mixing sticks, brushes, rollers, white latex rubber squeegees, glue brushes & syringes

Clear Cote

Pumps, containers, rollers, spreaders, solvents, thinners, cleaners

Glen-L Marine Designs

Polyethylene containers, brushes, rollers, squeegee, application & safety kits

MAS Epoxies/Phoenix Resins

Metering pumps, mixing cups, syringes

West System

Pumps, mixing pots, rollers, spreaders, squeegees, syringes, release fabric, vacuum bag supplies

Gougeon instructional publications illustrate fiberglass and wooden boat repairs with WEST SYSTEM
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