Underwater Barrier Coatings

Awlgrip North America

Epoxy primer

Barrow International

Gelcoat sealer UV+

Ceram-Kote Coatings, Inc

CeRam-Kote ceramic particle loaded epoxy coating

Interlux Yacht Finishes

Interprotect epoxy coatings

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Pettit Paint

Pettit Protect epoxy sealer/fairing/primer system

Sea Hawk/New Nautical Coatings

Microsheet silicate epoxy blister protection primer

Tuff Stuff™ is premium blister protection using microsheet silicate technology. It is a high-build epoxy primer with corrosion resistance, for use over steel, fiberglass and prepared aluminum. Use over blistered fiberglass as a repair coat, or over unblistered glass as blister prevention.
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U.S. Chemical & Plastics Marine (Alco)

Water-barrier epoxy coating

West System

West System epoxy & barrier coat additive