Cleaning Tools & Pressure Washers

Ancor Marine/Marinco

Glass fiber pen corrosion removal tool

Aurora Boat Care Products

Synthetic boat chamois


38" x 144' x 3/8" collection mat for bottom cleaning

Flitz International

Buffing balls, cleaners, marine kits & microfiber cloths

GNV Direct

Power barnacle-removing tool

Laitner Brush

Wash, deck & scrub brushes


Softbuff foam buffing pads

Nilfisk-Advance A/S

Pressure washers

Shurhold Products

Brushes, mops, scrubbers & squeegees with interchangeable telescoping & fixed length handles, synthetic chamois

So-Lo Marine

Handles with interchangeable brushes, mops & scrubbers

Star brite

Extend-A-Brush fixed & telescoping handles; brushes, mops, scrubbers, squeegees; "Corrosion Buster" glass fiber pen

Swobbit System/Ocean Accessories

Cleaning tools and accessories; over 26 quick release deck brushes, mops, water blades and adapters designed to snap onto the Perfect Pole telescoping handle

Taylor Made Products

Handles and brushes, mops, scrubbers & squeegee


Water-powered rotary oscillating scrubber

WaveCraft USA LLC

Barnacle remover tool