Cleaning Products, Polishes & Waxes

3M Marine

Sponges & wipes, boat soap, cleaning cloth & scouring/scuffing products, cleaners, rubbing compounds, polishes, waxes

A Buff/Eggert

Water-based polishing compounds

Aurora Boat Care Products

Boat cleaners and deoderizers

Awlgrip North America

Wash-down concentrate, polymer sealer for urethane finishes

Beckson Marine

Acrylic & polycarbonate window cleaner

Bio-Pro Research, LLC

Odor/stain remover, blacklight-invisible, dried-urine locator


Cleaners, rubbing compound, polish, waxes, S.S. continuous-filament pads

CRC Industries

Cleaners, degreaser, soap, stain removers, rubbing compounds, metal polish, waxes

Camco Manufacturing, Inc

Variety of marine cleaning products


Fiberglass cleaner, "Fleet Wax" liquid & paste, fiberglass & metal waxes

Competition Chemicals

Metal polish

Contender Sailcloth

Performance hull coatings

Davis Instruments

Fiberglass Stain Remover cleaners

Falcon Safety Products

Microfiber cleaning cloths, spray cleaners

Flitz International

Metal polish, fiberglass/paint restorer (cleaner/polish); S.S./chrome & plastic cleaners, white carnauba/beeswax protectant

Flood Company/Akzo Nobel

Dekswood wood & fiberglass cleaner/brightener

Franmar Chemical

Soy-based cleaners

Garelick Mfg.

Metal polish

Hullmate, Ltd.

Hull cleaner

Interlux Yacht Finishes

Boatcare and Premier Boatcare systems

Interlux Heavy Duty Stain Remover reactive gel formula, no need to scrub, will not run and is easy to control on vertical surfaces. High strength hull cleaner that aggressively and quickly removes exhaust, rust and scum line stains off all surfaces. Safe for use on fiberglass, wood, metal and painted surfaces.
2270 Morris Ave
Union, NJ 07083
Interlux Boatcare products for cleaning, restoring and protecting your boat are easy to use and work great on all substrates including fiberglass, wood and metals and are safe to use on and around painted surfaces. Teflon
2270 Morris Ave
Union, NJ 07083

Iosso Marine Products

Fiberglass, metal & fabric cleaners, polishes & waxes, mildew stain remover

Lovett Marine

Cleaners, polishes & waxes

MDR/Marine Development & Research

Cleaners, polishes, metal treatments wax & mildew stain remover

Marine Technologies Inc.

Bilge, boat, bottom, deck & inflatable cleaners

Maritime Wood Products

Non-hazardous, environmentally friendly teak deck cleaner

McLube (McGee Industries)


Hullkote™ combines the world-renowned McLube formula with a high-gloss polish that lasts. Citrus based and environmentally friendly.
9 Crozerville Rd
Aston, PA 19014


Cleaners, polishes & waxes

PMP Luster/Merchandise Resource

Fiberglass cleaners, stain removers, polish & wash/wax

PMS Products

Rust & stain remover


Marine Clean, metal polish, carnuba wax

Poli Glow Products

Marine cleaners

Raritan Engineering

B.C. bilge, "C.P." toilet & "C.U." general purpose cleaners

Scienco/FAST – a division of Bio-Microbics, Inc.

Marine multi-purpose and descaler cleaners

Sealand/Dometic Sanitation

Toilet bowl cleaner

Seapower Marine Products (TR Industries)

Cleaners, polishes, waxes, boat soap & bilge cleaner

Simple Green

Boat cleaner, water spot remover

Slimy Grimy

Algae, mold, mildew & rust stain remover

Star brite

Cleaners, polishes, rubbing compounds, stain removers, waxes

T-Jett Marine

Citrus based degreaser/solvent, bilge cleaner


Bilge, canvas, deck & hull cleaners; boat wash; black streak & hard water spot removers

U.S. Chemical & Plastics Marine (Alco)

Specialty cleaners, compounds, glazes & waxes

Valley Research Systems



Cleaners, polishes & waxes

Yacht Brite Products (Shurhold)

Cleaners & polishes