Restorers, Protectants & Material Treatments

Aurora Boat Care Products

Restorer for inflatables; protectant for non-skid decks; UV protectant

Aurora Boat Care Products

See-thru plastic cleaner & protectant

Aurora Boat Care Products

Aluminum clear coat


Wood-penetrating epoxy, rust converter, fix/repair putty

CRC Industries

Corrosion inhibitor film spray, UV protectant


Marine formula cleaner/restorer

Corrosion Technologies

Lubricant/penetrant/protectant, polymer wax replacement coating

Falcon Safety Products

Corrosion inhibiting film spray

Forespar Products Corp

Anhydrous-lanolin corrosion protectant

Lanocote-Prop & Bottom Foul Release—Extensively tested coating for boat bottoms, props, structs, shafts and trim tabs. Depending on local conditions P&B can significantly retard marine growth for over 6 months. Environmentally safe. Can be applied over clean, fresho bottom paint or bare bottoms. Fiberglass or metal surfaces.
22322 Gilberto
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Gold Eagle Co (303 Products)

Fabric cleaner & protectants

Iosso Marine Products

Fiberglass reconditioner, vinyl conditioner/protectant

Lear Chemical Research

Anti-corrosion compound/penetrant/light lubricant

Lovett Marine

Gel-coat restorer products

New Glass 2

Acrylic coating for fiberglass

Novus Polish

Clear plastic cleaners & scratch removers

PMP Luster/Merchandise Resource

Gloss acrylic coating for fiberglass

Poly Flex/Thermo Boat

Lanolin based corrosion inhibitors

Sarasota Quality Products

Splash back paint/gelcoat restorer

Seapower Marine Products (TR Industries)

Vinyl & rubber cleaner/protectant/uv blocker

Smith & Co.

Penetrating epoxy dry-rot consolidant, epoxy wood filler

Star brite

Rust converter, plastic scratch remover

System Three Resins

Penetrating epoxy/polymide wood hardener/sealer

Valley Research Systems

Rust removers


Wichinox S.S. cleaning/passivation paste