Rigging Tools & Knives

Knife, sheath


Portable hydraulic roll swager

Boye Knives

Cobalt alloy non-magnetic rustproof rigging knives
"Masterfully crafted, perfectly balanced, uber-sharp..." Sail Magazine, July '08. Boye Boat Knives with cobalt blades cut fast and keep an edge, excel on hi-tech rigging line. Will not rust. Folding and fixed blade models.
P.O. Box 1238
Dolan Springs, AZ 86441

Brion Toss Yacht Rigging

Splicing Wand braided rope splicing tools, phids, rigger's pliers, japanese marlin spike

Davis Instruments

Telo rigging knives

Hayn Enterprises

Top-Reff & "WireTeknik" hydraulic swagers, lifeline crimp tools, cable cutters

Huskie Tools

Mechanical hydraulic & battery powered crimpers for wire rope sleeves

Johnson Marine (C. Sherman Johnson)

Cable cutters, manual crimpers

Johnson Marine (C. Sherman Johnson)

Garelli roller swaging machines for professional use

Loos & Company

Hand swagers, coated cable strippers, professional use cable cutters & swagers


Rigging knives, marlinspikes


Racing fid for snapshackle release, hydraulic swaging machines

New England Ropes

Uni-Fid multi-purpose splicing tool for braided rope

R. Murphy

Yachtmaster rigging knife

S & F Tool/Swage-It Tools

Bolt tightened swaging clamps for oval sleeves


Fids & pushers for splicing braided rope

Sanlo Manufanufacturing

Wire rope cutting & crimping tools


Steel, non-rusting knives

Tylaska Marine Hardware

Color anodized alum. snap shackle release fids


Knives, shackers, spikes & sheaths

Yale Cordage

Fids, pushers, single & double-braid splicer kits


Professional riggers gauge