Launching & Shore Dollies


Lightweight dinghy trailers launching carts

Garelick Mfg.

Slot & transom clamp dollies

Hostar Marine Transport Systems

Heavy duty shop dollies

Pelican Products

Copolymer dolly with flip-down transom-mounted wheels

Seair Dynamics

Caravan Portage small craft hand-pulled trailer

Seitech/Laser Performance

Launching dollies
Seitech Dolly and Rack Systems
Single-handedly launch, move, and store any small boat, dinghy or inflatable! Light, strong, corrosion-proof, maintenance-free. Easy to assemble/disassemble for transport. UPS-able.
300 Highpoint Ave
Portsmouth, RI 02871


Alum. bottom support & daggerboard slot dollies


Balloon wheel launching dollies

The Wheeleez Boat Dolly

1 Aluminum Frame
Adjustable 24 ways:
• 6 length adjustments
• 4 width adjustments


5 wheel options:
• 2 sizes: solid foam tires
• 3 sizes: low pressure balloon wheels

3890 Industrial Way
Benicia, CA 94510

Williams Engineering

Castered shop dollies

Yardarm Marine Products

Shop dollies