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Backstay & Rigging Adjusters

Hydraulic systems & integrals

Backstay Insulators

Backstay insulators for rod or wire

Centerboard Winches & Raising Gear

Hydraulic cylinders with remote panel pumps

Composite & Synthetic Standing Rigging

Kevlar aramid fiber flexible cable, PBO cable, PBO "Z System"

Headsail Roller Furling/Reefing Gear

Anti-torsion kevlar cables

Hydraulic Systems

Panels, manual & powered pumps, pressure intensifier, cylinders, mast jacks

Lifeline Wire & Fittings

Norseman white PVC coated S.S. wire, end fittings, turnbuckles & pelican hooks

Line Drivers, Tensioners & Magic Boxes

Hydraulic cylinders with remote panel/pumps

Rigging Shackles & Swivels

S.S. bow, D, twist, pin & "Supersnap" snapshackles

Rigging Tools & Knives

Racing fid for snapshackle release, hydraulic swaging machines

Rigid Vangs

Hydraulic cylinders with remote panel/pumps

Rod Rigging & Fittings

Rod, Eyes, Forks, Turnbuckles, Stemballs, Tip cups and associated fittings

Safety Harnesses, Tethers & Jacklines

S.S. double action safety hooks for tethers

Spar Fittings

Tiebar & external stemball tangs, T fittings & shroud terminals, spreader tip cups

Special Tapes

White rigging tape

Turnbuckles, Toggles & Clevis Pins

Bronze & S.S. rod & wire turnbuckles

Wire Rope Terminals

Norseman swageless & swage & Navtec swage terminals, S.S. thimbles

Wire Rope

"Dyform" & conventional S.S.