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T: 714-751-0488 | F: 714-957-1621

Battery Chargers/Maintainers & Converters

Three stage & two stage regulated chargers

Battery Isolators

Single & double source/2 & 3 bank

Bus Bars, Terminal Blocks & Wiring Components

Junction boxes, terminal strips, bus bars

Cathodic Protection & Galvanic Isolators

AC ground/DC bonding galvanic isolators

Circuit Breakers & Ground Fault Interrupters

Sea-Proof waterproof & standard circuit breakers

Electrical Panels

Stock & custom AC & DC; circuit breaker, meter & switch

Electrical System Monitors & Controllers

ERC emergency radio battery relay, low voltage battery disconnects

Electronic Noise Filters

Source & electronics power filters, copper foil shielding tape

Fuses & Holders

High amperage fuses & holders

Ground Plates

Porous copper plates

Grounding & Shielding Foil & Screening

Copper RF ground straps, copper screen

Hailers & Megaphones

Deck horn speakers, handheld megaphone/siren

Hand-Held Electronics Holders & Protective Cases

Waterproof flexible PVC handheld radio covers

Intercoms & Headsets

Phone-Com multi-station phone/intercoms


Inverter chargers

Power Supplies & Conditioners

AC to DC power supplies, DC to DC converters, back-up power supplies, noise filters

Radio Antennas & Fittings

Nylon & S.S. mounts, ceramic feed-thru insulators

Shorepower Fittings & Cables

Source selector switches

Wiring Deck Glands & Plugs

Thru-Dex glands