PO Box 27 Bridgton, ME 04009-0027
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AIS - Automatic Identity Systems

SevenStar SeaTraceR, "Identifier", SevenStar Class A AIS

PFDs, Life Jackets & Vests

SeaTreker MOB inflatable vest with GPS & inflatable antenna

SeaPatch MOB is an inflatable vest system that tells rescuers where to find you. Contains radio and GPS plus inflatable antenna (prevents transmission drowning, helps GPS reception) to alert onboard receiver as well as nearby vessels and give Lat/Lon position to speed recovery.

PO Box 27
Bridgton, ME 04009-0027

Radio Antennas & Fittings

SevenStar combination AIS-GPS

SARTs (Search and Rescue Transponders)

SevenStar non-hazardous battery X-band SART

VHF Radio Telephones

GMDSS; Navico "Axis 30" and "Axis 50" liferaft VHF radios