148A Bryce Blvd. Fairfax, VT 05454
T: 866-621-1062 | F: 802-655-4689

Anchor Chain & Rode Fittings

S.S. & titanium shackles, S.S. swivels

Backstay & Rigging Adjusters

Folding handle & wheel mechanical backstay & babystay


Single, double, triple, fiddle, cam, cheak, deck, ratchet & snatch

Boat Hooks & Hand-Held Mooring Aids

Pole mounted slip-off snap hooks

Carbine & Snap Hooks, Spring Clips & Links

S.S. carbine, snap & safety harness hooks

D, Rectangular, Round & Triangular Rings

S.S. D, rectangular, round & triangular plain & webbing bar style

Davits, Lifting Gear & Onboard Dinghy Stowage

Dinghy lifting slings

Eye Bolts & Nuts & U Bolts

S.S. standard & watertight U bolts, eye nuts & bolts

Forestay & Shroud Release Fittings

S.S. curved open tube inner forestay stowage clip

Genoa Tracks, Fittings & Toerails

Sliding/removeable S.S. toerail padeyes with protective pads

Headsail Hanks, Sail Slides & Mast Hoops

S.S. & brass jib snaps

Lifeline Wire & Fittings

Pelican hooks, swage studs

Mainsail Furling & Reefing Gear

Lazyjack kits

Mechanical Wind Instruments & Indicators

Masthead windvanes

Multi-Sheave Organizers

Alum. frame 2,3 & 4 sheave

Padeyes & Eye Straps

S.S. & titanium folding padeyes, S.S. toerail padeyes & S.S. eyestraps

Personnel Recovery Devices

MOB rope ladder deployable from the water, telescopic alum. rescue pole with held-open double action safety hook

Restorers, Protectants & Material Treatments

Wichinox S.S. cleaning/passivation paste

Rigging Shackles & Swivels

S.S. & titanium; bow, D, twist, allen head, key pin & thimble headboard & snap, shackles, linked snapshackle peelins strops S.S. swivels

Rigging Tools & Knives

Knives, shackers, spikes & sheaths

Safety Harnesses, Tethers & Jacklines

Full line of personal safety equipment and deck hardware

Safety Harnesses, Tethers & Jacklines

Elastic & webbing tethers, double-action safety hooks, webbing jacklines

Shroud Rollers, Spreader Tip & Turnbuckle Boots

Shroud & lifeline roller wheels

Tillers, Hiking Sticks & Fittings

Telescopic oval & straight grip hiking sticks

Vang Tackles & Boom Brakes


Wire Rope Terminals

S.S. u bolt type wire grips